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How do I replace a Safety Sensor in a Garage Door Opener?

One of the eyes on the safety sensor emits a beam of light and the other receives it. The closing door can be reversed if an object, person or animal blocks the beam. The sensor eyes should be connected to short wires at the motor unit. Click the remote while holding the sensors close together. The safety sensors should be replaced if the door doesn't close and the lights don't blink.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Disconnect the power

    The power cord and motor unit of the garage door opener can be accessed using a step ladder. The garage door opener needs to be unplugged.

  2. Remove the sensors

    The safety sensor has a wing nut on it. The sensor needs to be removed from the brackets. Leave enough slack in the control wire to connect the new sensor after cutting the wires about an inch from the safety sensor. The process should be repeated for the other safety sensor.

  3. Connect the new safety sensor wires

    The control wires need to be separated from the new sensor. Use the crimp wire nut to connect the black-striped control wire to the black-striped safety sensor wire. The wires are connected the same way. The process should be repeated for the other safety sensor. If you're not using the crimp wire nuts that come with the new safety sensors, you can connect the wires using wire nuts.

  4. Install the new safety sensors

    The wire nut is needed to secure the safety sensor. The process should be repeated for the other safety sensor.

  5. Reconnect electrical power

    The garage door opener should be plugged in.

  6. Line up the safety sensors

    The receiving sensor should have a green indicator light.

  7. Test the safety sensor

    You can open the garage door. To block the beam, place a box between the safety sensors. The garage door could be closed using a remote. The door should remain open and the lights should blink. The logic board should be replaced if the garage door opener closes the door.

Time required:

15 minutes.

You would need the following tools:

blue wire nuts (if crimp wire nuts aren't included), pliers, safety glasses, step ladder, wire cutter, work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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