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How do I replace a Vent Up/Down Button Pad in a Downdraft Ventilation System?

Check for loose mounting nuts and fan brackets if the blower motor has loud noises when running. The blower wheel is likely unbalanced if the fan and mounting nuts are tight.

Check the limit switches and the fan control switch if the blower fan motor doesn't run after the vent pops up. The blower motor should be replaced if the switches are ok.

The fan control switch can't change the motor speeds or turn the blower motor off. Check the limit switches if the blower motor won't run.

The pop-up vent is lowered by the gear motor. Check the mechanism for binding if the gear motor doesn't hum or raise the pop-up vent. The gear motor should be replaced if the pop-up vent isn't jammed.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Shut off the electricity

    The wall outlet has a power cord.

  2. Remove the up/down button pad

    Remove the up/down button pad from the top cover.

  3. Clean the mounting surface

    Rub alcohol on the mount surface to clean it.

  4. Install the new up/down button pad

    Remove the backing from the up/down pad. Press down around the outer edges of the up/down button pad if you want to center it above the switch.

  5. Restore power

    The power cord needs to be re connected.

  6. Disconnect power and remove the downdraft vent from the counter

    The downdraft vent can be unplugged. The counter needs to be removed from the stove. Take the downdraft vent out of the counter. Gloves are used to protect hands. When removing appliances from the counter, use the installation manual for the cooktop and downdraft vent to guide you.

  7. Remove the gear motor cover

    Attach the mounting nuts to the channels. The gears motor cover has screws on it. Remove the gear motor cover and connect the wires. The gear motor cover must be removed.

  8. Remove the blower housing assembly

    Attach the blower motor wire harness if you tilt the top of the blower housing. The blower housing assembly needs to be removed.

  9. Remove the air box cover

    Pull off the air box cover by removing the mounting screws.

  10. Remove the gear motor

    The gear motor mounting nuts must be removed. The gear motor bracket needs to be flip over. Don't remove the U-bolt nuts, but loosen them to release the cam. Remove the gear motor mounting screws after removing the cam.

  11. Install the new gear motor

    Remove the mounting screws and position the new gear motor. The cam needs to be on the gear motor shaft. The side of the cam and the gear motor shaft have the same side. To secure the gear motor shaft to the side of the cam, you need to tighten the U-bolt. The gear motor bracket needs to be upright. Place the gear motor brackets in the air box.

  12. Reinstall the air box cover

    Place the air box cover over the air box and thread the gear motor wires through it. Attach the air box cover to the air box using the mounting screws.

  13. Reinstall the blower housing assembly

    On the air box cover, position the blower housing assembly. Attach the blower motor wire harness to the blower housing assembly.

  14. Reinstall the gear motor cover

    Attach the wires to the gear motor through the gear motor cover. The gear motor cover should be positioned over the gear motor. Attach the channels with mounting nuts.

  15. Reinstall the downdraft vent and cooktop

    The downdraft vent and stove are in the counter.

  16. Restore power

    The power cords for the downdraft blower need to be plugged in.

Time required:

15 minutes.

You would need the following tools:

1/4-inch nut driver, 3/8-inch nut driver, work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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