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How do I replace a Water Inlet Valve in a Top-Mount Refrigerator?

Water flow to the ice maker and the water dispensers is controlled by the water inlet valve assembly of the refrigerator. If the water inlet valve is malfunctioning, you should replace it.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Shut off the power.

    The wall outlet has a power cord.

  2. Disconnect the refrigerator water supply line.

    The refrigerator has a water supply cutoff valve. The refrigerator needs to be removed from the wall. There is a towel under the water valve assembly. When the water line is free, loosen the compression nut.

  3. Remove the rear compartment cover.

    The screws on the rear compartment cover need to be removed.

  4. Remove the water inlet valve.

    Pull the water inlet valve out after removing the screws from the mounting brackets. The water inlet valve has a wire harness. The ice maker water supply line needs to be disconnected by pressing in the fitting collar and pulling the water line out of the valve outlet. There is a C-clip on the valve outlet collar. Before pressing the collar on, remove the C-clip.

  5. Install the new water inlet valve.

    The ice maker water supply line should be pushed into the valve outlet fitting. The new water inlet valve has a wire harness on it. Put the new water inlet valve in the cabinet and install the screws. Push the ice maker water supply line as far as possible into the fitting. To make sure it is seated correctly, tug on the water line. The C-clip needs to be reinstalled.

  6. Reinstall the rear compartment cover.

    Place the rear compartment cover on the back of the fridge.

  7. Reconnect the refrigerator water supply line.

    Attach the water line to the water inlet valve fitting. You can open the water supply cutoff valve. The compression nut should be tightened if the fitting leaks.

  8. Restore electrical power.

    Push the refrigerator back into place by plugging it in.

Time required: 15 minutes.

You would need the following tools: work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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