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How do I replace an Electronic Control Board in a Freestanding Freezer?

The board houses the light bulbs. The light board has an electronic circuit board that controls the light bulb's voltage. When the electronic circuit board is malfunctioning, you can see a burn mark. If the light board doesn't light up, replace it.

The door seal is attached to the door panel of the upright freezer and the lid is attached to the chest freezer. The seal keeps air out of the freezer when the door is shut. When the door or lid is closed, a damaged seal lets warm, moist air into the freezer. The door seal should be replaced if it is damaged.

The freezer defrost sensor is located next to the evaporator. It goes when the temperature in the evaporator is too high. The defrost bi-metal shuts off when it travels. A malfunctioning defrost bi-metal causes frost to build up on the evaporator and causes a warmer freezer interior. The defrost sensor should be replaced if it prevents the heater from working.

The freezer has a temperature sensor. The control board uses the thermistor to read the temperature in the freezer. If the thermistor isn't accurate, replace it.

The main control board, also known as the power control board, is used to manage the compressor and the defrost cycle. The control board runs the fans when the freezer is cold. The control board is used to regulate the freezer temperature and the defrost cycle. If the electronic control board is malfunctioning, you should replace it.

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