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How do I replace an Oven Door Outer Glass Panel in a Gas Range?

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Remove the door.

    Open the oven door. To get the locking tabs on the unlocked side of the door, use a slot screwdriver. The broil stop position is open when the door is raised. Lift up and out of the oven door if you want to. If you want to remove the door from your model, check your owner's manual.

  2. Remove the handle.

    A towel-covered table is a good place to place the oven door. Remove the screws that secure the door handle to the top of the oven door by using, the type of screwdriver that fits the screws. The handle should be removed. The screws hold the handle in place. Remove the handle and the trim might shift. It will be removed in a later step.

  3. Remove the inner door panel.

    The oven door has screws in it. Set the inner door panel assembly on the padded surface after removing it from the outer door panel.

  4. Remove the top trim.

    The channels that hold the top trim to the oven door should be removed. The top trim should be removed.

  5. Separate the door panel frame from the glass window.

    The outer door panel frame has foam tape attached to it. There are strips of double-stick foam tape on the metal frame. The door frame has a glass panel on it. The oven's glass panel should be put away. Remove the foam tape from the front of the door frame using a scraper. You can try to get rid of it with the help of a solvent. If you bend the door frame, take care to not damage it. The frame will have to be replaced if it is bent or damaged in this step. If the outer front door glass panel is broken use caution when handling, storing and disposing of the glass to avoid lacerations.

  6. Attach the new outer door glass panel.

    On the padded surface, put the new glass panel face down. The double-stick foam tape can be applied to the same areas on the frame where it was before. Carefully position the frame on top of the glass panel to make sure it's lined up. Double-stick tape bonds the surfaces if the frame is pressed onto the outer door glass.

  7. Reattach the top door trim.

    There are channels at the top of the door frame that you can slide the top door trim into. The top trim needs to be seated and lined up properly.

  8. Reassemble the door panels.

    The outer door panel and frame should be positioned above the inner door panel. Carefully lower the inner door panel assembly. Attach the inner door panel assembly to the outer door panel frame with the help of the screws at the bottom of the door.

  9. Reattach the handle.

    The door handle needs to be positioned at the top of the door. To hold the door handle in place, insert the screws and loosen the screws. If you meet resistance while turning the screw, back out the screw and tighten it again.

  10. Tighten all screws.

    Give the screwdriver a firm twist to snug the screw in the door handle after you tighten the screws. The screws on the door assembly need to be tightened. Don't be tense.

  11. Reattach the door.

    The oven door hinges should be put back into the receiver on the front of the range or oven frame, if the door is placed in the broil position. You can open the door and lock it with the hinge locking pins. The door of the oven should be closed. Refer to the owner's manual for directions to get the oven door back in place.

Time required: 45 minutes.

You would need the following tools: Phillips screwdriver, scraper, slot screwdriver, work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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