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How Do I Reset My Air Conditioner?

If this doesn’t reset the AC, then check the circuit panel to see if the breaker connected to the air conditioner is tripped (you may need to reset that).

Why Would I Need to Reset my Air Conditioner?

It’s common for your air conditioner to not turn back on immediately after a power outage. A power surge often causes a circuit overload, which can result in a tripped breaker.

Often, the reason behind your failing AC is far less clear. Occasionally, air conditioners will simply stop blowing cool air, even with all the machinery working. A simple reset usually does the trick.

Does my Air Conditioner Need to Be Replaced?

Don’t jump to any conclusions if your air conditioner isn’t turning on after a reset. The problem could be electrical or it could be with the internal machinery in your air conditioning unit. It’s probably best to have an HVAC technician complete an assessment of your unit before making the expensive decision to replace it altogether.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?