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How do I Reset My GFCI?

Once you’ve pressed these buttons, power should return to your GFCI outlet. Your GFCI may also have an LED light that lights up if your GFCi trips, indicating it needs to be reset.

Why Reset?

If your GFCI outlet has tripped, you’ll want to reset it quickly so it can continue to protect you and your devices from a dangerous electrical shock. Resetting your GFCI outlet is an easy way to confirm whether it’s a trip or there’s another problem at play with the breaker box or with the wiring in the circuit.

Steps to Reset

Here’s how to reset your GFCI outlet and restore your safety measure:

  • First press the “TEST” button and feel for a click. If there’s no click, then your GFCI was tripped.

  • Next, use a sturdy non-conductive tool to press the “RESET” button until you feel a click.

  • After that click, the power should be restored.

And that’s it! A simple reset should have your GFCI outlet back on track.

Too Many Trips

If the steps above don’t do the trick, or your GFCI continues to trip, you should take a closer look (with the help of a technician). Getting the right diagnosis early on can save you and your appliances from a nasty shock.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?