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How do I troubleshoot Lg Dishwasher that is displaying HE error code?

When water isn't heating or when the thermistor senses that the water temperature is higher than 194 degrees, this code appears. If the water in the dishwasher tub is very hot, it's a good idea to measure it. If the water temperature is 190 degrees, you'll need to replace the electronic control board because the heating element stays on constantly. The dishwasher should be unplugged before the control board is replaced. The code indicates that the heating element wasn't heating the water if it doesn't seem to be overheated. Check the wire harness connections on the heating element and pressure switch when you unplug the dishwasher. If water flow is insufficient, the pressure switch will shut off the heater. Current can be prevented from flowing through the heating element if there is a loose wiring connection. Remove any loose wires. Plug the wires from the heating element and use a multimeter to measure resistance. The resistance should be measured by the meter. If the meter has infinite resistance, replace the heating element. Resistance can be measured through the thermistor on the heating element. The room temperature should be 75 degrees. If the thermistor resistance is off by more than 10 percent, the heating element should be replaced. You may need to replace the pressure switch or the electronic control board if the heating element and thermistor are good. If the pressure switch or electronic control board is preventing the heating element from heating, you will need to have a service technician examine the dishwasher.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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