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How Do You Hide Exposed Pipes?

You can hide your exposed pipes by wrapping them, painting them, hanging lights or decor on them, building shelving, hiding them behind furniture, or finding another purpose for them. Exposed pipes can bring down your room’s look and feel, but you’ve got options. Time to get creative!

Why Are Pipes Exposed in the First Place?

It might seem bizarre that you can see the pipes in your home, but there’s often a good reason for it. Sometimes, it’s simply to the design or layout or your home: leaving pipes exposed is actually easier and more efficient, especially when it comes to repairing or exploring plumbing issues. But even if you can’t do much about where they are, you can do something about how they look.

Hiding, Disguising, and Dressing Up: Creative Ways to Cover Exposed Pipes

Here are some creative and innovative ways that you can hide pipes (or don’t hide them!) to streamline the decor.

Wrap ‘Em Up

You can wrap your exposed pipes in decorative materials to hide them away, such as a knit covering, rope, cloth, wallpaper, or another textured fabric that might bring a bit of interest to the mix.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

You can also paint your exposed pipes. There are a couple of directions that you could go with this one: paint them to blend in, or make a statement and paint them to stand out. But if you live in a condo building, check to make sure you’re allowed to paint before you get the roller out.

Shed a Little Light

A great way to cover your exposed pipes is actually not to cover them at all! Use them as a decorative function, such as by hanging lamps, string lights, or vines from them. Keep in mind that pipes can’t bear infinite weight though, so be sure anything you hang up is lightweight.

Shelve Them Away

Consider hiding the pipes by building around them: A bookshelf, or storage shelves, just above your exposed pipes can tuck them away while also adding functional features to your home.

Fashion Your Furniture

Strategic furniture placement is another great way to hide away exposed pipes. Think of how to use composition and varying heights of your accessories like house plants, chairs, ottomans, and other forms of movable furniture to cover the pipes in a natural and comfortable way.

Make Them Multipurpose

Instead of hiding your exposed pipes, use them! You could add functionality by transforming the pipes into a clothing rack or a coat rack, or as a hanger for picture frames, pots and pans, or other decorative items.

Make Them Structural

You can go one step further and incorporate the pipes into your interior structure: If the pipes are vertical, you could build columns around them. If they’re on your ceiling, you could box them in and use paint to make the bulkhead blend into the rest of the room.

Exposed pipes might seem like a pain, but if you use your imagination, you can make something pretty great out of them.

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What Did You Think of This Article?