How do you replace a wax ring?

Use a chewing skin to shave both the wax ring and pan of the flange, a fixing tube where the bath goes to the sun and around the drain. Remove debris, smooth and dry surfaces, and remove the two strands of the flange. Carefully observe the state of the flange.



How many wax rings for toilet install?

If you are convinced that using two wax rings is the way to go, then buy a wax ring with an extended plastic tube, which must be dimensioned to adapt the flange opening (usually 3 inches in diameter), and buy a second ring without extension.

Do Kohler toilets come with wax ring?

Most toilets are installed with a wax ring that adapts to the lower opening of the drain (the horn) to create a joint between the bottom of the bathroom and the drain pipe. This boiling ring will provide a tight joint, provided that it has the right distance between the bathroom and the floor.

How do you remove an old wax ring?

Use an elastic knife to scratch most of the old wax ring as you can from the flange, a tube connection where the bathroom goes up to the floor, and around the toilet. Remove debris, smooth and dry surfaces, and remove the two bolts from the flange. Carefully look at the state of the flange.

How do you replace a rubber seal on a toilet?

Identify immediately the purple valve calf used at the bottom of the vertical mounting of the overload and fluctuation tube. Enter the water tank and remove the used valve calf from it, such as a rubber calf, with the tip of the fingers (or clamps) until it breaks.

How do you wax a toilet seal?

Dispack the new wax seal, and place it over the flange on the floor with the rounded side, exactly centered on the opening. Make sure the two pins are in position. Lift the toilet and place it on the flange and seal, keeping the toilet as level as possible. Sit on the toilet to help the new seal make its true seal.