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How Do You Set Nest Hold Temperature?

Setting a hold temperature is relatively easy and takes about a minute. Once it's done, the temperature is in your control.

Nest Hold Temperature

Feeling like it's your time to call the shots on temperature? You can manually set your Nest Thermostat to a fixed temperature. If you spend a lot of time in your home, you may prefer a consistent temperature over the eco settings.

How To Hold a Temperature on Nest Thermostat

Tip: To scroll, turn the dial on the outside frame of the screen. To select, click the base of the screen.

Turn off Auto Schedule

  1. Click options at the base of the home screen.

  2. Scroll to "Settings."

  3. Click on "Settings."

  4. Scroll to "Nest Sense." You can scroll to different options on the screen by turning the dial clockwise.

  5. Click "Nest Sense."

  6. Click "Auto-Schedule."

  7. The screen will now say "Cooling Auto Schedule active for 24 days" and present three options. One of the options should say "off."

  8. Select "off." This will turn off auto schedule.

  9. After the thermostat registers your command, you will return to the "Nest Sense" screen. Scroll down to the last item and select "done."

Reset ECO settings

Now that you have turned off Auto Schedule, you are ready to reset the ECO settings. You should be returned to the "Settings" screen. From there:

  1. Scroll left to where you see "ECO".

  2. Click on "ECO" to choose your ECO temperature. You can choose a heat and cool setting.

  3. Select "heat to." The option next to "heat to" is now lit and ready for your selection.

  4. Scroll counterclockwise and select "off."

  5. Do this for "cool" as well.

  6. Select done.

Almost done...

  1. Scroll all the way to the right on the "Settings" screen until you see the "Reset" screen.

  2. Click on "Reset".

  3. You should now see a list of options. Select "Schedule".

  4. You will be presented with two options, "Cancel" and "Reset". Select "Reset."

Reset the schedule

  1. To reset the schedule, turn the ring clockwise all the way to the right.

  2. The option at the bottom of the screen should now say "OK".

  3. Select "OK."

  4. Your thermostat will take about 10 seconds to reset.

Great job, you did it! Now you can go back to the home screen, or use your phone, and set your temperature manually at any temperature you want. What number should you aim for? The power is your hands.

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What Did You Think of This Article?