How does a pedestal sink attached to the wall?

The base of the pedestal is positioned and aligned with the perforated mounting holes of the sun when applied. Place the washbasin on the top of the pedestal, then move the washbasin close enough to the wall so that it can insert l'agaveta aladat in the mounting holes of the wall.



How does dishwasher connect to sink?

When you connect a dishwasher discharge with an air opening, but where there is no disposal of the trash, the connection of the dishwasher air opening is indirectly connected to the dishwasher discharge. Then connect the largest side of the air opening to the Y branch tail in the dishwasher discharge, using a 78-inch rubber tube.

How does a toilet connected to the floor?

When well connected, the toilets pose on the top of the flange of the toilet, with the wax ring providing a joint to the floor. The flange bubbles that are adapted through two holes of mounting of the toilet are each held fixed by a washing machine and the neck, thus ensuring the connection of the toilet to the floor and to the sewer.

How is a pedestal sink mounted to wall?

The base of the pedestal is placed and aligned with the mounting holes perforates on the floor, they are held. Place or washbasin at the top of the pedestal, then slide the sink sufficiently close to the wall so that it can insert the winged levers into the mounting holes on the wall.

How is a toilet fastened to the floor?

The toilets connect to a metal or plastic necklace called the floor flange of the toilets. wax ring is pressed on the basis of the wc before placing the toilet on the floor flange. The ring is compressed between the base of the toilet and the floor flange, giving a long-lasting waterproofness.

How does a toilet flange attached to the pipe?

A flange is a rim or a flat projection collar used as a fixing. So what is a toilet flange? It is essentially a metal pipe that attaches to the floor of the toilet and connects the toilet to the drain pipe in the floor. When installed, the flange is placed on the floor on the hub that is in the drain pipe.