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How Long do Ductless Systems Last?

To keep your ductless system happy and healthy for this long, you’ll want to service it annually and keep the outdoor unit and the system’s filters clean.

Ductless is More

Ductless systems tend to have a longer lifespan than that of an average HVAC system (most furnaces and central AC units last 12 to 15 years). Depending on the needs of your home, you may gain more comfort and value by going ductless.

Service Saves Stress

If only your ductless system could maintain itself! To avoid frequent repairs and a preventable (and sudden) replacement, you should prepare to schedule annual maintenance for your ductless system. The longer your system lives, the cleaner your air and the happier your home will be!

Let's Get It Fixed!

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?