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How Much does a Ductless System Cost?

Installing a new ductless system with one indoor heating and cooling head can cost you between $3,000 and $5,000. Like any heating and cooling system, a new ductless system won’t come cheap. However, it’s worth the investment. The total price of your ductless system will depend on factors like system model and installation, but there are others to consider, too.

One Price does Not Fit All

Concerned about the price of your new ductless system? Don’t panic. It’s important to consider everything that goes into installing your system. The price of your ductless system will depend on:

  • Additional installation of indoor air handlers

  • System manufacturer and model

  • Your geographic location

  • Refrigerant line-set length

  • Difficulty of installation

  • Installer rates

  • Access to the electrical panel

  • Electrical service amperage capacity and available circuit breaker spaces in the existing electrical panel

The price of your ductless system installation won’t necessarily be the same as your neighbor, because your homes are unique. Examine the specific conditions of your home to make sure the price of your new system is reasonable and matches your budget.

Pricey but Worthy

Unfortunately, you can’t duck on expensive prices for installing a new ductless heating and cooling system. However, you’ll find that investing in a new system will keep you warm and cool at your request, and the fact that it will last you a long time is a major highlight.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?