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How Much Does Electrical Installation Cost?

Smaller electrical jobs like repairing lights, switches, and outlets usually range in cost between $150 and $400.

What Impacts Pricing?

The cost of electrical installation depends on the nature of the work — the job usually requires more than just a simple rearrangement of some wires. Here’s a rundown of factors that can impact the pricing of electrical installation:

  • Size of your home

  • Demand of installation in your area

  • Labor duration and hourly rate

  • Accessibility to wiring

  • Accessibility to fixtures and switch boxes

  • Type of wire

  • Number of fixtures and outlets

  • Cost to patch or replace drywall

  • Cost of permits and inspections

  • Cost of installation setup and cleanup

  • Cost of any additional materials

While a full installation may cost you a pretty penny depending on the factors mentioned above, it’s possible your home only needs a small electrical repair, like replacing an outlet which costs about $125. You’ll need to understand the problem before considering a fair price for the job.

Safe Wiring is Worth the Cost

Like any major home project, electrical installation involves several steps, each one impacting the overall price of the job. And while the price range for installation may be daunting, it’s worth the cost of professional expertise to ensure the outlets, lamps, and other electrical fixtures in your home are operating safely.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?