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How Much Voltage does My AC Need?

In other words, your AC system requires a lot of energy to deliver electricity throughout the unit and eventually breathe air into your home.

Circuit Circus

A modern AC system depends on an up-to-date electrical system. In the case that your house doesn’t have 220 or 240 volt circuits, it’s smart to contact an HVAC technician to add these circuits for your system to maximize energy efficiency. Once that’s been done, your system and all its wires will feel less chaotic.

Wire Size

Your wire is running the show. Wire size is the only variable for voltage on all residential, single phase AC condensor units. Your air conditioner has an electrical circuit. The wire gauge must be sized for the amperage of the circuit. The manufacturer will state the size of wire needed to make sure your system runs safely.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?