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How Often Does My AC Need Servicing?

An annual checkup should be enough to keep your AC system on track, but it’s also smart to keep an eye on your unit throughout the year. You may want to consider servicing your AC when the seasons change or if there have been particularly harsh weather conditions.

Stay Tuned for Tune-Ups

Scheduling an annual tune-up service for your AC can prolong its lifespan and keep you cooler for longer. During a tune-up, your HVAC technician will check all parts of your system to make sure they’re working properly, as well as address any other issues they might find. AC maintenance is crucial — it can have an enormous impact on the life and function of your unit.

Seasonal Changes

Consider where you live when scheduling your AC maintenance check. Since the summer season can strain your AC more than others, it’s smart to schedule a tune-up before the hottest weather hits so your system can endure the conditions to come.

Weather Conditions

Severe weather events can pose another challenge to your AC. Hail storms can cause damage to the condenser coil tubing and fins. Dented tubing and the metal fins will affect performance and efficiency. It’s important to check on your outdoor AC unit after a storm to make sure it still works; you may find it needs an immediate repair or even a replacement.

Why Servicing is Important

Treating your AC system with attention and care can help prolong its lifespan, and that means less worry, less expense, and more comfort for you. Whether you check on it yourself or hire an HVAC professional to perform annual maintenance checks, make a point to service your AC now so it will function when you need it most.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?