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High Humidity In House Can Lead to Long-Term Damage

Levels of high humidity in houses over a long stretch of time can cause problems to arise. What begins as some extra condensation on surfaces can lead to appliance burnout as well as health and safety issues.

Check Your Humidity Levels

Warm, humid air coming in contact with cooler pipes and toilets causes the water in the air to form into water droplets (condensation). As humidity levels increase, cold surfaces that wouldn't typically gather condensation will suddenly start to sweat.

Over time, high condensation in your home can damage the surfaces around your toilets and pipes. A level of high humidity in houses over 55% can also create a cozy environment for mold and mildew to grow.

Frequently wiping away the condensation will help in the short term, but you'll want to find a way to lower the high indoor humidity to prevent long-term damage.

How To Check For High Humidity in Houses

  • To get an accurate reading, leave the gauge in the area being tested and make sure it's not disturbed. Since levels can vary from room to room, we recommend using multiple gauges to test different rooms at the same time. Using more than one gauge will give you a more accurate overall picture.

  • A healthy humidity range is from 35% in the winter to 55% in the Summer.

There are a few different issues that cause high humidity levels. Continue to investigation until you find the culprit.

What To Do If You Have High Indoor Humidity

You can fix the condensation in the short term by simply wiping down the surface, but levels of high humidity in houses need to be addressed at the root of the problem to get rid of it for good. If you're not sure where to begin, call a professional to have them investigate your home.

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What Did You Think of This Article?