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Ice Maker Not Working? You May Have A Broken Ice Maker Arm

There’s nothing better than chilling a drink with an ice cube or two. But if you find there’s no ice or if ice is overflowing in your fridge, it’s possible your ice maker is not working properly due to a broken level arm.

Check For A Broken Ice Maker Arm

The level arm on your ice maker sits above the ice container and detects the ice level in your fridge to make sure it doesn’t overflow. The level arm is normally made of plastic and like most things plastic, it can wear over time, especially if it’s mishandled in the freezing temperatures.

How to check for a broken ice maker arm

  • Open the freezer door and remove the ice container. Look to see if the level arm is still attached. If you don't see it, check the inside of the ice maker and the surrounding area for the detached level arm. After you find it, check the connection points on the arm and the ice maker for where it might have broken.

  • If the level arm is attached, raise and lower the arm while listening for clicks. The clicking sound means that it is activating or deactivating the icemaker's on or off switch.

  • Check the mounting sections of the arm and the icemaker. You shouldn't see any cracks or loose pieces. If you see any springs that are out of place or damaged sections, the level arm won't work until it's fixed.

Is a broken ice maker arm the issue? If not, consider other reasons for why your ice maker isn’t working properly.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Ice Maker Arm

Once you’ve identified you have a broken ice maker arm, you’ll want to replace it so you can get back to making smoothies or chilling pitchers.

Think you’ll need some assistance? Connect with one of our Remote Assist technicians who can walk you through the issue and get your ice maker working again.

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What Did You Think of This Article?