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Is explosion elastic or inelastic?

Collision is considered to be inelastic when kinetic energy is not conserved, but can result either from loss, gain, or kinetic energy. For example, during an explosion-type collision, kinetic energy increases.The collision is considered inelastic when kinetic energy is not conserved, but can result from loss, gain or kinetic energy. For example, in an explosion-like collision, kinetic energy increases.




Can guns explode?

This could cause the explosion of a weapon. Using ammunition that is not fair to firearms can be dangerous.... However, some firearms (especially smaller firearms) cannot withstand the additional pressure created during the shooting. In time, this could lead to a break in the barrel.

How are force area and pressure related?

Pressure is the force for the area of the unit. Pressure is the force on an object that is dispersed on a surface. The pressure equation is the divided force for the area in which the force is applied.Pressure is force on an object that is distributed over an area. Pressure equation is the force shared with the area where the force is applied.

What is the synonym of explosion?

On this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonias, idiomatic expressions and words related to explosion, explosion, explosion, explosion, discharge, explosion, explosion, explosion, explosion, shock, eruption, percussion and burn.

What is inertia and law of inertia?

The law of inertia, also called Newton's first law, postulates in physics that if a body rests or moves at a constant speed in a straight line, it rests or continues to move in a straight line at a constant speed if it is not shaken by a force.

What is the difference between kinetic and thermodynamic?

Thermodynamics should, as Professor Zare observed, be really called thermostatic. Thermodynamics does not concern things that move and change, but rather how stable they are in one state against the other, while kinetics affects how quickly or slowly the species reacts.Thermodynamics does not refer to things that move and change, but to stability in one state compared to the other, while kinetics refers to the speed or slowing down of the reaction of the species.

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