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Is It Ok to Run Your HVAC Fan Continuously?

Yes, it’s fine to run your HVAC fan continuously to help distribute air in your home more evenly. Keeping the fan switch set to “on” will let it run continuously, which will pull clean air in and prevent hot and cold pockets in your home.

Keep On Runnin’

The idea of running non-stop sounds exhausting, right? Luckily, your HVAC fan is up for it: Setting your fan switch to “on'' to keep your fan running can actually prolong its lifespan by avoiding the extra mechanical wear and tear that comes from constantly starting and stopping the device.

The Price to Pay

While keeping your fan on isn’t bad for the system, running it 24/7 will use up more energy than if it was set to “auto”. The longer your fan runs, the more energy it uses, and the higher your energy bill, so consider your priorities before settling on a setting.

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