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What To Do If Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

Your washing machine has a lot of responsibilities like wringing water out of your laundry before you toss it into the dryer. However, if your washing machine won’t drain, the water won’t have anywhere to go, leaving your laundry load damp or dripping.

Check For Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

If you suspect your washing machine isn’t draining properly, there are a few things you’ll want to check to help get your unit back on track.

How to check your washing machine

  • Watch and listen as the washer runs to make sure it completes the spin cycle. If it shuts down before finishing, the laundry load could be unbalanced.

  • After the wash cycle is complete, feel the clothes to check if they're wetter than they should be. Pull the clothes out of the washing machine and look inside the drum for standing water in the bottom. If you see water, then the drain is blocked.

If your washing machine is draining properly, consider other reasons for why your laundry loads are coming out dripping.

What To When Your Washing Machine Isn’t Draining

If your washing machine won’t drain, you may be dealing with a faulty drain pump or a clogged drain hose. In any case, you’ll want to fix your unit quickly so you can return to your laundry routine.

Think you’ll need a helping hand? Connect with one of our Remote Assist technicians to help resolve the issue with your washing machine.

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What Did You Think of This Article?