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Low Water Pressure? May Be a Water Supply Line Leak

A leak in your main water supply will cause issues such as your water heater, sink, or toilet leaking and low water pressure throughout your home. Leaks often occur because the pH level of your water is too low, and that may call for a new water line.

What Causes A Water Supply Line Leak?

Water supply lines can leak if the pH level of your water is too low. A pH level of 7 is neutral, and anything lower than that starts to become acidic, which can wear down copper tubing and brass fittings leading them to spring a leak.

How To Check For A Main Water Supply Line Leak

  • If you have city water, look where the water main and water meter come into your home. It will usually be on the front or street-facing side of your home. In colder climates, it may come up from the bottom of your basement floor. If you don't have a basement, there will normally be a hole or square section in the floor with a cover over it. If you have a well and a cold water storage tank, the water main comes out of the bottom of the tank.

  • Once it's dry, inspect the piping for any new water droplets. You may also see a fine mist or spray of water. If you see any water, you've found your leak.

If there's no leak, you can explore other issues that cause low water pressure throughout the house.

What To Do If Your Main Water Supply Has Sprung a Leak

Once a leak has sprung, you'll need to have that section of your home's water supply line replaced.

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What Did You Think of This Article?