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Is My Main Water Valve Shut?

Your main water control valve can shut off accidentally or without you knowing, and when that happens, you'll get no water in your home. The good news is that it's an easy fix!

Check Your Main Water Valve

The main water valve is the control for water to your home. If you've recently done repairs, this valve might have been shut to prevent leaking during the procedure, but it can also be shut to winterize a home for sale.

If your main valve is shut but neither of these cases apply, someone may have bumped the valve into the "off" position. As long as there's no risk of leaks, you simply need to switch it back on to resolve the problem.

How to check your main water valve

  • When a new water heater is installed, the person who installed it should open the hot water faucet to purge the air. When the water runs from the tap in a constant flow, with no air pockets, the water heater has filled. Leave the water running until you don't see any dirt and it runs clear.


    CAUTION: Do not start or turn on your water heater unless you're sure it's full of water.

  • Unless you've had a leak, they should both be on. You'll know it's on or off by the direction of the handle. When the handle of the valve is in line with the pipe (parallel), that means it's on. If it's going the opposite direction of the pipe, forming the letter T (perpendicular), then it's off.

    If you have a circular valve, clockwise turns it off and counterclockwise turns it on. Turn it counterclockwise as far as it will go.

If the valve is on and you're still experiencing low water pressure, consider other possible causes.

What To Do If Your Main Water Valve Is Shut

Just follow the troubleshooting steps to locate the main water valve and flip the switch to "on." If this doesn't fix your problem, then your main water valve may not be the issue —- you can call on a plumber to investigate.

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What Did You Think of This Article?