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Why is My Oven Not Heating Up Enough?

There’s nothing better than a hot meal from the oven––unless your oven’s not getting hot at all. If your oven is not heating up, there are some issues you can check for before determining if it’s time to replace your unit.

Why is My Oven Not Heating Up Enough?

An oven that won’t turn on is no friend to a cook that’s preparing the evening’s meal. You’ll need to find out what’s going wrong in your system to get your oven up and running, and more importantly, get your food up and cookin’!

Why Your Oven’s Not Working

There are several parts in your oven that work together to crank up the heat. When your oven isn’t heating up, it could be a result of one or more of these parts being faulty. The parts responsible for temperature control inside your oven include the heating elements, gas tubing, wiring, temperature sensor, and ignitor.

Whichever part is cooling things down, it’s best to have your system checked out to turn the heat back up!

Potential issues

  • no hot water
  • oven not heating up effectively

Little critters can cause big problems when they make a home in the gas tube on your hot water heater or other gas appliance. If the gas line is restricted by a spider web or nest, gas can't make its way to the burner, and you may find yourself without hot water. If this is the problem, cleaning the gas tube may be an option depending on the severity of the clog. Replacing the tube might be your best bet.


  • oven not heating up effectively

The temperature sensor is basically like a thermostat for your oven. It maintains the set temperature in order to cook your food properly. It controls the temperature inside the oven in order to prevent it from overheating or having undercooked meals.

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What Did You Think of This Article?