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Poor Airflow? Time To Check For Closed Vents

If you’re looking to change the airflow in your home, you can open and close the metal registers covering your air vents. But you’ll want to be careful about how many air vents you close to protect your ductwork and HVAC systems.

Check For Closed Vents

Are you noticing pockets of cold air throughout your home? While closing an air vent can help block a drafty spot in your home, closing too many vents can impact the airflow in your home and lower the efficiency of your causing heating and cooling systems. Inspect your home for closed vents to see if they’re disrupting the airflow in your ductwork.

How To Check For Closed Vents

  • Walk around your home and pay close attention to the temperature in each room. Are parts of your home noticeably cooler or warmer than others? If so, it's probably a result of poor air distribution.

  • Go throughout your home and check on the vents in each room. Are the registers in those vents open all the way? If not, open them to see if the issue improves.

    While you're checking the registers, keep an eye out for furniture placed over or near a register, which will also affect air circulation. Keep that in mind when arranging furniture in a room.

Are closed air vents the issue? If not, consider other problems pointing to why your home has poor airflow.

What To Do If You Have Closed Vents?

If you suspect there are too many closed vents in your home, all you have to do is open them and make sure nothing is blocking them. If you close an air vent, remember to keep other ones open to reduce air pressure in your ductwork and prevent any duct leaks.

Need a helping hand? One of our Remote Assist technicians can help you troubleshoot the airflow issues in your home.

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What Did You Think of This Article?