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HVAC Defrost Control Board Replacement

Your heat pump works year round to keep a steady temperature. During the winter, your heat pump’s defrost cycle control board, along with its sensors, controls the defrost process on your heat pump. This is a crucial job, since the defrost cycle helps prevent your system from freezing and failing during the cold winter months.

Time to Change Your Heat Pump Defrost Cycle Board

Why do defrost control boards and sensors fail? This malfunction could be the result of many things, including faulty controls, poor communication between the control board and the system, or an issue with wiring, Like any other part of your system, it can also wear with age. If your heat pump isn’t working properly during the wintertime, especially if it’s not defrosting, this is likely due to a worn, damaged, or failed defrost control board. It’s time for a replacement.

Signs it’s time for a new heat pump defrost control board

If your HVAC defrost control board malfunctions, you’ll start to notice issues with your system. Look out for the following signs:

  • A buildup of ice on the outdoor unit coil that doesn't go away

  • The outdoor unit is in the defrost mode too often (auxiliary heat is on) causing high electric bills

How Does a Defrost Control Board Replacement or Installation Work?

Get an assessment of your HVAC system

An HVAC specialist will assess your heat pump and find the source of your issue. If the specialist locates a faulty defrost control board or sensors, they’ll discuss the option to replace it.

Review the estimate with the specialist

You’ll be quoted based on the type of heat pump you have, and the type of defrost control board and sensors it requires. You have options, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Replace your HVAC defrost board and sensors

An HVAC technician will come to your house to replace your system’s defrost control board and sensors with a new one. This typically takes somewhere between 1-4 hours, depending on the service provider and if the unit must be thawed by the technician in order to make the repair. To save time (and money), it’s best to set the thermostat to emergency heat when the problem is noticed. The backup auxiliary heat will warm your home and prevent the outdoor unit from operating, giving the outdoor unit time to thaw. This saves the technician time and cuts down on labor costs.

Looking for More Info

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What Did You Think of This Article?