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Laundry Problems? Check If Your Washing Machine Drain Hose Is Clogged

From sheets to shirts, your washing machine works hard to bring in fresh water and drain out dirty water to keep your laundry loads clean. But when you notice undrained water or residue left on your laundry, it’s possible your washing machine drain hose is clogged.

Why Is My Washing Machine Drain Hose Clogged?

Your washing machine drain hose pulls dirty water from the unit and brings it to the sewer. Over time, small particles from the dirty water can build up and reduce the water flow, causing your drain hose to clog. Check your washing machine drain hose to see if it’s to blame for your dirty laundry.

How to check your washer drain hose

  • Run your washing machine and wait for the drain and spin cycle. When the washer starts to drain, listen closely. Does the draining sound seem quieter than usual? If the water flow is being blocked, the drain sound may seem like a tap that was turned from high to medium.

  • Open the lid after the wash cycle is complete and see if there is any residual water in the bottom of the wash tub.

  • After a wash cycle is complete, check for any detergent left on your clothes. If the clothes are soapy or you see unused powder or liquid soap, this can mean that there is residue build up in the washer.

  • Turn off your washing machine and unplug it from the outlet. If it's against the wall, wiggle it outward until you can access the drain hose. You can identify the drain hose because it's thicker than the fill hoses.

    Find the end of the drain hose where it attaches to washer. Depending on your washer's make and model, you may need to remove an access panel to find the end of the hose. Loosen it and pull the hose away. Be aware that there may be water sitting in the hose. You may want a bucket or towel nearby to catch any leakage.

    Use a flashlight and inspect the inside of the hose for build-up. If the hose looks clean, the clog may be deeper down the drain line in your home. If you can see the clog, you should now be able to clear it.

    CAUTION: Always shut off the power to the washer before you take anything apart. If you need to move the unit, wiggle it carefully away from the wall. Don't try to lift it. Be cautious of sharp edges and wear protective gloves if necessary.

If your drain hose doesn’t seem to be the issue, consider other reasons for why your washing machine is acting up.

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Drain Hose Is Clogged?

If your washing machine drain hose is clogged, replacing the hose or giving it a quick scrub on the inside should do the trick.

Think you’ll need a helping hand? One of our Remote Assist technicians would be happy to guide you through any issues and solutions with your washing machine.

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What Did You Think of This Article?