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Identifying a Broken Dishwasher Soap Dispenser

Before running your dishwasher, you put detergent into a small compartment called the soap dispenser. The dispenser then does exactly what you'd expect: dispenses the detergent to wash your dishes. If this part is broken, your system will not function properly, and you'll need to repair or replace it.

How Do Soap Dispensers Break?

It's your soap dispenser's job to hold and dispense dishwasher detergent in your system to clean the dishes. Things can go wrong with this little part: soap can get clogged in the dispenser, the latch can get bumped and damaged, or the door can get stuck. Whatever the issue may be, when these things occur, your dishwasher will no longer operate as it should.

How to check for broken soap dispenser

  • Look at the door to the soap dispenser and inspect it for breaks or cracks. If it's broken, it will need to be fixed or replaced before your dishwasher will be able to use the soap efficiently again.

  • Try to open and close the soap dispenser door a few times. The latch should close easily and stay closed.

Other issues

If the soap dispenser seems fine, consider other reasons for dirty dishes.

What To Do If Your Soap Dispenser Is Broken?

Sometimes, the issue could be as simple as a buildup of soap in the dispenser. If that's the case, all you'll need to do is clear out the soap residue and give your system another chance.

Didn't work? If the dishwasher still isn't functioning like it should, there is likely a bigger issue going on with the dispenser that may require a repair or a part replacement. You can reach out to our Remote Assist expert for a virtual diagnosis.

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What Did You Think of This Article?