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Identifying an Old Toilet Flapper

A faulty, old toilet flapper is no fun to deal with — but you’ll want it fixed so your toilet can return to flushing with ease. If your toilet is leaking, trickling, or filling up on its own, it’s possible the toilet flapper is to blame.

How Do I Know If I Have an Old Toilet Flapper?

Over time, your toilet flapper may warp, crack, or change shape. As unappealing as inspecting a toilet sounds, the condition of the flapper might be responsible for your toilet leak.

How to check for an old toilet flapper

  • Take the tank lid off the toilet and look at the flapper. It should have clean, flat edges. If you see cracks, bits broken off, or other signs of deterioration, the flapper will need to be replaced.

  • Even if the flapper doesn't look worn, that doesn't mean the seal is still intact. Look inside the bowl and listen closely. Do you hear or see water running into the bowl constantly? If you do, that's a sure sign that your flapper is bad.

  • Water should only leave the tank when the toilet is in the process of flushing. After you flush, wait for the tank to completely refill and note where the water stop rising. Avoid flushing the toilet for an hour or so, then check the water level again. If the water line is dropping, then water is leaking past the flapper.

What to Do If You Have An Old Toilet Flapper

Your toilet can’t flush away all your problems, so once you’ve identified that you have an old toilet flapper that’s worn or warped, you need to replace it. If you’re up for the challenge, you can replace the toilet flapper yourself — if not, call a plumber to seal the deal.

If your toilet is still acting after the flapper has been replaced, you may be dealing with a larger plumbing problem. Reach out to one of our Remote Assist technicians that can offer a virtual diagnosis and help guide you through the issue!

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What Did You Think of This Article?