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Finding the Source of a Leaking Toilet

There are many parts in a toilet that can spring a leak and cause water to pool around the base of your toilet. To fix the issue, you first have to figure out which part is causing the problem.

Check Your Toilet For Leaking

Your toilet is made up of a system of parts and mechanisms that carefully control the flow of water. The water line brings fresh, clean tap water into the tank, and when you fliush, a valve opens to release water into the bowl as the dirty water is carried away.

Since there are many parts involved in the process, there are many places for a leak to occur.

How to check your toilet for leaking

  • Take the cover off the tank and flush the toilet. Does water splash upward from the tank? If it does, the leak is likely caused by the ballcock or water valve spraying water under the tank cover and dripping onto the floor.

  • Use a flashlight and shine it on the base of the toilet where the water line connects to the tank. Flush the toilet and watch carefully. If the water line moves when you flush the toilet, then the wax ring has weakened and it's likely the source of the leak.

  • If you can't tell where the water is leaking from, dry the area completely. Watch for new droplets of water and see where on your toilet the leak is coming from.

Still don't know what the problem is? Consider other reasons for a leaky toilet.

What to Do if Your Toilet Is Leaking

Once you confirm your toilet is leaking, stop using it. It's possible the problem is a loose bolt at the base of the toilet, something you can fix by simply tightening the bolts. If the toilet continues to leak after tightening the bolts, it's best to contact a plumber for assistance.

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What Did You Think of This Article?