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Lift The Load Off Your Unbalanced Washing Machine

Laundry day isn’t likely the highlight of your week, which is why you’ll want to get things right the first load around. If you have an unbalanced washing machine load, your machine’s speedy efficiency may go down, leaving you to deal with dirty clothes.

Check For An Unbalanced Washing Machine

If the weight of what you’re washing isn’t distributed evenly in your washer’s drum, it can affect how the drum spins and cause several issues. When you have an unbalanced washing machine load, you may experience your washing machine not spinning properly, loud banging noises during the agitation cycle, a UL display error code, or even machine shutdown.

Is an unbalanced washing machine load the issue? If not, consider other reasons for why your dishwasher is not working properly.

How to check for an unbalanced washing machine

  • Most modern washers will show an error code on the front panel if the load is unbalanced. If you hear the drum making loud or different noises, check the panel for a error showing "UL".

  • Open the washer lid and look at the load. The clothes should be spread out evenly on each side of the drum. If there are more clothes on one side, the uneven weight can unbalance the drum as it spins.

What to Do With an Unbalanced Washing Machine

If you’re dealing with an unbalanced washing machine load, try redistributing your load’s weight so it’s even around the drum. You may also want to consider removing some items if you have a hefty load. Make sure the machine itself is level on its feet—this can be the culprit of improper spinning and unwanted banging.

If you’re still experiencing issues after balancing your washer, your machine may be in trouble and in need of professional assistance.

Need a helping hand? A Remote Assist technician would be happy to guide you through the troubleshooting process and get your washing machine back on track!

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What Did You Think of This Article?