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Washing Machine Not Working? Check For a Bad Washing Machine Belt

Inside your washing machine, there's a belt wrapped around the drum and motor. This belt rotates the drum, giving your clothes a sufficient wash. Over time, the belt can wear out, so it’s important to identify the signs of a bad washing machine belt to keep your clothes clean!

Check If You Have A Bad Washing Machine Belt

If your clothes are coming out of the washer soaked and dirty, it’s possible you have a bad washing machine belt. The sooner you check your washing machine belt for damage, the sooner your clothes can come out clean.

How To Check For A Bad Washing Machine Belt

  • Before opening any panels, turn off the electricity to the washing machine. Unplugging it is the easiest option, but if you can't reach the plug, you may want to turn it off at the breaker panel.

    Go to your breaker panel and find the switch linked to your washer. Flip the switch into the "off" position. If you have others living in the house with you that may switch it back on, put tape or a note over the switch so they know not to touch it until you're done working.

  • All washer makes have different ways to access the drive belt. On most models, there will be a panel on the front or back of the washer that needs to be taken off. You may see a screw or two holding the panel in place, but some models can just be pried open.

    Once you have access to the belt, take a close look at it. It should fit snugly and not show any signs of wear and tear. If the washer's belt is loose but looks in good condition, it can be tightened. If it's snapped or has nicks and cuts in it, it should be replaced entirely.

    CAUTION: Watch for sharp edges and pinch points on all rotating equipment.

If a bad washing machine belt doesn’t seem to be the issue, consider [other reasons]( "washer drum not spinning properly" why your washing machine is struggling.

What To Do If You Have A Bad Washing Machine Belt

Once you know you’re dealing with a bad washing machine belt, call in a professional to come to inspect and repair the issue so your clothes can come out clean again.

Need a hand? Reach out to one of our Remote Assist Experts to guide and help you identify the next steps towards a working washer.

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What Did You Think of This Article?