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Washer Drain Clogged? Time To Troubleshoot

A weary washing machine is no fun to deal with––but you’ll want to resolve the issue quickly to get your clothes clean again. Your machine's drain pump works hard to move water out of the drum and into drain lines. When your washer drain clogs, clean clothes will have to wait.

Check If Your Washer Drain Is Clogged

Is your washing machine not draining properly? If you notice standing water in your unit’s drum, there may be a buildup of soap residue, dryer lint, grease and oils, or other materials from your clothing blocking the drain. Check if your washer drain is clogged––the sooner you clear the issue, the sooner you’ll clear a path to clean clothes.

How To Check If Your Washer Drain Is Clogged

  • Turn on the drain cycle on your washer and keep an eye on it as it runs. If the machine seems to be spinning properly and then suddenly stops on the spin/drain cycle, this means the washer is sensing an error with the drain and will not allow the cycle to finish.

  • If the machine stops abruptly on the drain/spin cycle, you should see an error code pop up on the display indicating a failure with the drain cycle. Look for this or any other error code. If you're not sure what an error means, check the manual for your specific washer's make and model.

  • Locate the drain filter on your washing machine. On most models, this will be near the front of the machine along the bottom edge. It will have a cover that should pop open.

    Inside you should see a twistable handle on the filter. Turn it counterclockwise until the filter unscrews, and pull it out. If you see any dirt or debris on the filter, remove the obstruction and clean the filter. When it's clean, put the filter back into place and try running the drain cycle again.

If a drain clog doesn’t seem to be the issue, consider other reasons why your washer isn’t working properly.

What To Do If Your Washer Drain Is Clogged

With the right tools, there are a few ways you can clear a clogged washing machine drain yourself. However, if you’re dealing with a more severe blockage, it’s best to call a professional plumber to clear the problem.

Need a hand? One of our Remote Assist technicians would be happy to guide you through the process and get your system up and running again!

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What Did You Think of This Article?