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Washer Moving During The Spin Cycle? Here’s Why

While you can expect your washer to make noise as it operates, it’s not as common for your washer to move and shake during the spin cycle unless there’s something wrong with your unit or laundry load.

Why Does My Washer Shake During The Spin Cycle?

If your washer moves during a spin cycle, your unit may not be level or you could be dealing with a heavy or unbalanced laundry load. In any case, you’ll want to troubleshoot the issue to make sure your unit operates safely and to get your laundry routine back on track.

Potential issues

  • washer drum not spinning properly
  • banging noise during the spin cycle
  • washer shutting down during the spin cycle
  • washing machine is moving during the spin cycle

A washing machine spins at high speeds to make sure that clothes get completely clean. If the weight of what you're washing isn't distributed evenly over the bottom of the drum, it can affect how the drum spins and cause several issues. Problems can range from the usual banging against the cabinet to the washer shutting down during the spin cycle and displaying a UL error. This can happen during the normal agitation cycle or if the clothes are loaded to one side with a vertical agitator. To avoid this issue, always make sure that the contents of your washer are placed evenly around the drum.


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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?