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How To Know If Your Washer Keeps Going Off Balance

If your washing machine is not level or keeps going off balance, it won’t be able to work properly. You may put in a load of dirty laundry, only to find out your system is not spinning or draining properly, leaving your clothes eternally dirty. Can’t have that!

Why Does My Washer Keep Going Off Balance?

Your washing machine generates a great deal of force while it's running. If it’s not properly positioned, your washer may tilt and shift under the influence of the spin cycle. This can cause damage to the drum, drainage issues, and system inefficiency.

How to check if your washing machine’s not level

  • While the washer is idle, try to rock the washer back and forth and side to side to check if the machine is set and positioned properly. You shouldn't be able to move the machine at all. If it tilts, waivers, or rocks, you'll need to adjust the washer until it's stable.

    CAUTION: Only rock the machine enough to check for movement. Do not let it tip or tilt too far.

  • If you don't feel the washing machine move, run a wash cycle and watch for movement. The machine shouldn't tip or waiver in any direction while the drum is spinning.

Is your washing machine level? If so, consider other reasons for why your washing machine is not working properly.

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Keeps Going Off Balance

To deal with an unstable washing machine, you’ll need to reverse the issue: stabilize it! Make sure your washing machine is positioned properly and level so it can run without shifting under the pressure.

Didn't work? If your washing machine still isn’t draining or spinning properly, you may dealing with a different issue that calls for an expert eye. You can reach out to one of our Remote Assist expert for a free virtual diagnosis!

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What Did You Think of This Article?