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Not Enough Hot Water? Check Your Water Heater Capacity

Constantly dealing with not enough hot water in your home? It's possible that your water heater doesn't have the heating capacity to meet your needs. Follow a few easy steps to assess the capacity.

Check Your Water Heater Capacity

When you have a large family, you have a lot going on at the same time, and your water heater can have trouble keeping up. If someone is using hot water for dishes or laundry while someone else is in the shower, your water heater may not be able to produce enough hot water in the time it takes to use it.

How to check your water heating capacity

  • If you don't notice any error codes or other issues with your tankless hot water heater, the problem may be that it's not powerful enough to meet your household's needs.

  • If you live in the northern states, your incoming water in winter will be cold. It could be 40°F or even a little less. For a shower, you'll need to heat the water to at least 105°F at a pace of 3 gallons per minute. If you only notice hot water shortages in the winter, you may want to think about upgrading your hot water heater to a model that can reach the proper temperature, even when the water coming in is just above freezing.

If your water heater's capacity isn't behind your hot water issues, consider what other issues might be.

What To Do If Your Unit Doesn’t Have Enough Water Heater Capacity

It's very possible that you'll have to upgrade your water heater if it's not meeting your needs. Consider getting an expert's opinion before moving ahead.

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What Did You Think of This Article?