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Hot Water Problems? Check If Your Pilot Light Is Out

When your water heater pilot light is out, you'll start running into hot water problems. It's not uncommon for it to go out, but thankfully, it's a problem that can usually be addressed without the help of a technician.

Check If Your Water Heater Pilot Light Is Out

Most gas tank-type water heaters in use today have a standing pilot light that lights the main burner when you need more hot water.

The pilot light should stay lit from the day your plumber installs the water heater until the day it’s replaced. But, things happen. If your pilot light is out, you'll want to relight it or get a pilot light replacement before you start to experience hot water problems.

How To Check If Your Pilot Light Is Out

  • At the bottom of your water heater, you'll see pipes that run from the gas valve into the water heater. Near those pipes will be a cover that you'll need to remove. Lift up the cover just a little and pull it out. You'll see a small window that you can check the pilot light through. If it's not lit (which is probably why you’re reading this), it’s easy to relight. We’ve got your back!

  • You'll see instructions on how to relight the pilot light on the front of your hot water heater. On most hot water heaters, the process is fairly easy. Find the gas valve and turn it to the "pilot" setting. Push down on that knob and hold it, then push in the red button. The red button is an igniter button (just like on a gas grill) and should start the pilot light. While still holding the gas control knob, check the window again to see if the pilot light has lit. If you see a flame, you can release the gas control knob.

If the pilot light doesn't seem to be the issue, consider other reasons for no hot water.

What To Do If Your Water Heater Pilot Light Is Out

Because this issue is usually the result of a strong wind or cold air, you can probably relight the pilot light yourself. If it's still not relighting after you've followed the directions, the problem may indicate that you need a pilot light replacement.

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What Did You Think of This Article?