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Your Toilet Tank Overflowing into the Overflow Tube Makes The Toilet Run

If the control valve in your toilet isn’t working, your toilet tank may be overflowing water into the overflow tube. This can be a quick fix, but follow these troubleshooting steps to make sure you know what you're dealing with.

Check Your Overflow Tube

The water level control valve (also called the ballcock) controls the water level inside the toilet tank. When you flush the toilet, the water level drops and the ballcock lets water into the toilet tank. The flapper then closes and the water level will rise until it reaches the preset level.

At this point, it's the control valve's job to shut the water off. Your toilet tank overflowing water into the overflow tube indicates that the control valve needs to be adjusted or replaced.

How to check for water running down the overlow tube

  • Remove the toilet tank cover and look inside to see if this is where the water is constantly running. Inside the tank you should see a tube that's open at the top. Do you see water falling into the tube?

  • If you don't see any water falling into the top of the overflow, take a flashlight and shine it down into the tube. Do you see water moving at the bottom of the tube? If you do, then your flapper may be what's causing the water to run constantly.

What to Do What To Do With a Toilet Tank Overflowing Water into the Overflow Tube

If you're unsure how your toilet's control valve should function or how it should look, then it's best to contact a technician to help with this job. Try Remote Assist for a free assessment before calling a tech out to your home.

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What Did You Think of This Article?