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Uh oh! Water Softener Not Using Salt? What To Do Now

Water softeners use salt to keep your tap water smooth, clean, and free of minerals. Over time, the salt gets depleted, so it's important to regularly check your water softener to make sure you’re not dealing with a water softener not using salt.

What Happens If Your Water Softener Ran Out of Salt?

A water softener draws hard minerals like calcium, manganese, iron, and more out of your tap water. Rather than using a filter, tiny beads on the mineral bed exchange salt for the hard minerals in your water, trapping them inside the mineral bed.

During the backwash cycle, it reverses the process to clean itself and get ready for the next day. If your system runs out, and you're left with a water softener not using salt, the mineral bed can't clean itself during the backwash cycle and the hard minerals you're trying to get rid of will make their way back into your tap water.

Your salt levels should be checked once a month and refilled as needed. This process is easy to lose track of, so include it in your monthly maintenance routine.

How To Check If You Have a Water Softener Not Using Salt

  • Take the cover off of the brine tank.

  • Is there any salt or do you just see just water? If you can't see the salt, then you've run out. The tank should always be about half full.

If the water softener seems to be salty enough, and you're still experiencing a problem, consider other reasons for hard water.

What To Do If Your Water Softener Ran Out Of Salt

It's not an urgent problem, but you'll start to notice pretty quickly that the tap water is filled with more minerals, and things like laundry and dishes aren't as easy to clean. You can simply add salt to your water softener as needed.

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What Did You Think of This Article?