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An Unplugged Water Softener Is An Easy Fix

Think your water softener might not be drawing power? This is likely an easy fix: just follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Check Your Water Softener

Sometimes small problems cause big headaches. Your water softener needs electricity to run, so if someone accidentally bumps it or unplugs it and forgets to plug it back in (more common than you might imagine), your water softener will stop working.

If your water isn't very hard, you may not notice the issue right away. Once you do notice a change in your water, first check that the cord is plugged into the outlet completely.

How to check your for an unplugged water softener

  • Check the time of day on the water softener and make sure it's accurate. If it's not correct, reset the time and check it again in a couple of hours.

    If it hasn't kept the proper time, then you know you have a problem. Your water softener is either losing power or the drive motor is dead.

  • See if the cord for your water softener is still plugged into the outlet. If it's plugged in but your water softener still isn't working, you may need to check for power from the GFCI or breaker.

If your water softener is plugged in and you still have problems, consider other reasons for hard water.

What To Do If Your Water Softener Is Unplugged

Simply plug it back in. Your water softener should resume it's normal function as soon as you plug it in, so if it's not, you might have a different problem on yoru hands.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?