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How to Spot a Broken Water Softener

When a water softener won’t work, your hard water can cause stains, reduce soap's lather, and leave your water tasting metallic. When your water softener isn't functioning properly, you'll need to look for the root cause.

Why Do Water Softeners Stop Working?

If your water softener suddenly stops working, something is interrupting the softening process or the softener's backwash cycle.

How to check for an interrupted softening process

  • If you haven't noticed it already, pay attention the next time you take a shower. Does the water feel slippery on your skin? The slippery feeling when bathing or showering is created when soft water cleans the oils out of your pores. If you don't notice that slippery feeling, then your water softener isn't working correctly.

  • Reset the time of day on your water softener timer or clock and make sure it's set to the correct time. Check it a couple of hours later. Is it still set to the correct time? If the clock hasn't kept time since you reset it, your water softener isn't working properly.

If this didn't help, consider other reasons for hard water.

What To Do If Your Water Softener is Not Working?

If your water softener's not functioning as it should and you're not sure why, you'll need to have it inspected and then repaired.

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What Did You Think of This Article?