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Water Softener System Constantly Running? Time To Catch Up!

Water softener systems are designed to filter minerals out of your water, but only when your taps are running or when it runs water through the backwash line to clean itself for the next day. If your water softener system is running constantly, you’ll want to stop it before you wind up paying the price.

Check Your Water Softener System

Locate your water softener between the main water line and your taps. You'll need to check if the seals on the water softener are split, torn, or have shifted out of place, or if the piston is scored or scratched. If you spot any of these issues, water could leak through the backwash line.

How to check your water softener system

  • Check that the control head is in the service position. The control head sits on top of the tall, thinner tank and looks a bit boxy. It could be black, gray, or even green. If the dial says it’s in the service position, then it’s sending conditioned water to the home.

  • Make sure it's set to the correct time of day. If it isn't correct when you check, reset it and then check it again in a few hours. If it's letting the clock slip out of sync and the water softener hasn't lost power at any point, then the timer motor is likely failing.

  • You should see a plastic tube connected to the control head. The tube will either go to a waste line, sump pump, or the ground outside. Follow the tube to where it ends. If you see water leaving the tube outside of the set cleaning hours, then you likely have a leak.

If the water softener doesn't seem to be the problem, consider other reasons for low water pressure.

What To Do If Your Water Softener System Is Constantly Running

Once you've done a thorough inspection and (hopefully) found a suspicious part that could be letting your water softener system run, it's time to call a technician to take it from here.

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What Did You Think of This Article?