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Refrigerator Water Valve Issues May Be The Reason For Your Water Dispenser Not Working

If you are noticing your water dispenser not working, you may have refrigerator water valve issues. It’s possible the water line shut-off valve is in the ‘Off’ position, in which case the water features on your fridge will not work.

Identify Refrigerator Water Valve Issues

The shut-off valve needs to be open in order for the fridge to use its water features. The valve sits on the lines that feed water into your fridge dispenser and icemaker. Like the name suggests, you can use this valve to turn the water flow on or off. If it's on, it will be parallel to the water line. If it’s off, it will be perpendicular to the water line.

How to check your refrigerator shut-off valve

  • Pull the fridge away from the wall and locate the water line. Follow the line until you find the shut-off valve.

    CAUTION: Be careful when moving the fridge to the side.

  • If the valve is off, it will be perpendicular to the water line. If it's on, it will be parallel to the line.

What To Do If Your Shut-Off Valve is Off

If your shut-off valve is off, all you need to do is turn it on!

If you’ve turned your shut-off valve on and still notice your refrigerator and water dispenser not working, it’s time for a technician to come and look at your appliance. Refrigerator water valve issues are something you’ll want to have fixed quickly so your water dispenser can return to doing its job.

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What Did You Think of This Article?