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What Are the Best Plumbing Sealants?

Different types of sealant are suited to different situations and uses, so be sure to choose the right product for the job.

What is a Plumbing Sealant?

Plumbing sealants are designed to create a seal where pipes or plumbing devices join. These sealants come in handy when installing new pipes, because they help to cover tiny crevices between threads that could lead to leaks and damage to the surrounding area.

Types of plumbing sealants

Plumbers typically use three main types of plumbing sealants:

PTFE Tape Tapes are common to use for home plumbing systems, and are an easy and effective way to cover crevices (plus, they’re easy to remove).

Pipe Dope Pipe dope refers to chemicals used to seal pipes together, and can effectively seal up crevices and leaks. Over time, this type of sealant can shrink up, so you’ll eventually need to replace it.

Anaerobic Resin Compounds This is a mixture of substances that create a clay-like compound used to seal pipes and crevices. These resin compounds are considered a long-term solution, because unlike pipe dope, compounds do not shrink up.

What to Consider When Using a Plumbing Sealant

Different kinds of plumbing sealants are designed for different situations. If you’re planning on using a plumbing sealant, consider these factors when you’re making your choice:

  • Temperature of the room

  • Temperature of the liquid or gas flowing through the pipe

  • What’s flowing through the pipe (liquid or gas)

  • Amount of pressure held by the sealant

  • Easily removable versus a long-term solution

Once you have a good idea of the elements at play, you can compare types and brands of sealants.

What the Plumbing Pros Choose

There’s no one product that’s best for everyone, or every job, but here are some of the favourite products of plumbing experts:

PTFE tapes

Dixon Valve Industrial Sealant Tape Known for its durability, this sealant tape does a great job covering small cracks and crevices in your plumbing systems. It’s fairly easy to use, but you’ve got to use it properly and precisely for it to be effective.

Pipe dope

FlexSeal Liquid Sealant This is a liquid sealant product that’s sprayed over small crevices in plumbing systems and pipes. It will seal the opening by coating it and solidifying into a barrier.

Anaerobic resin compounds

Gasolia Thread Sealant This sealant is a spreadable liquid with PTFE compound in it, which makes for a great combination of functionality and durability. You spread it over the site, and it will coat the crevice and seal it closed.

JB Weld WaterWeld This product is a putty-type compound that seals crevices and pipe threads, and it’s very easy to use: you just stick the clay-like substance on the issue area and wait for it to set. From there, it does the rest!

The keys to a good seal is choosing the right sealant and careful application.Take your time when comparing your options, but also when it comes to applying the sealant to your plumbing.

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What Did You Think of This Article?