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What do you mean by synchronization?

Synchronization is the basis for executing multiple threads asynchronization in a multithread application. It provides ways to achieve resource sharing such as file management, network and memory connections, thread coordination, and processes to prevent data corruption.




How do you achieve synchronization among threads?

When more than one thread tries to access a shared resource, we need to make sure that the resource is used by one thread at a time. The process through which this is done is called synchronization. The synchronization of the java keywords creates a code block called critical section.

What do u mean by flow control?

Flow control is the management of data flow between computers or devices or between us in a network, so that data can be manipulated at an efficient rate. Many data that arrive before a device can deal with them cause data overload, which means that data is lost or needs to be retransmitted.

What is bidirectional traffic?

In the transport infrastructure, a two-way traffic system divides passars into two traffic flows moving in the opposite direction. In the design and construction of tunnels, the two-way traffic can significantly influence ventilation considerations.

What do you mean by transient stability?

The ability of a synchronous power system to return to a stable state and maintain its synchronism as a result of a relatively large disturbance resulting from very general situations such as the ignition and shutdown of circuit elements, or the elimination of defects, etc., is called transient stability in the power system.

What is the use of synchronization?

The synchronized Java keyword is an essential tool in simultaneous programming in Java. Its overall goal is to allow only one thread at a time in a given code section, which allows us to protect, for example, variables or data to be corrupted by different simultaneous thread changes.

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