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What does cooling off mean on a refrigerator?

To turn off the cooling function of the refrigerator and freezer, simultaneously press the lock and filter for three seconds. The cooling will appear on the control screen. Press the same buttons for three seconds to reactivate the cooling function.




What causes a refrigerator to stop cooling?

Obstructed coils can cause low cooling. Check that nothing is blocked in the capacitor fan and that it rotates freely (models with coils in the back will not have a fan). Connect the refrigerator and make sure the fan works when the compressor is in operation.

What does built in fridge freezer mean?

The built-in refrigerators are generally superior to independent models, although they are limited to the depth of the cabinet (24) so that they can be installed without problems with kitchen cabinets. Most built-in refrigerators have compressors at the top (compared to the bottom with independent models).

What does a thermostat do in a refrigerator?

The thermostat of the refrigerator, which is normally inside the appliance, is the control device that allows users to adjust the temperature within the refrigerator. This device controls or cooling system, which includes the condenser, compressor, evaporator and measuring device.

What does Wall cooling mean?

A heat pump or pipeless air conditioner usually consists of an inner wall unit combined with an external compressor. It is more often used in a situation where an air conditioning window or a basic heating unit would be considered as a new addition to a house.

What does power Cool mean on Samsung fridge?

Quickly cool the food for optimal freshness after a trip to the market with the Power Cool function in this Samsung refrigerator. With its almost instantaneous cold, the food will stay fresh longer as the drinks cool to drink quickly.

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