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What Does Set Mean on a Thermostat?

The set button on a thermostat allows you to choose and set a desired temperature. The “set to” indicator shows the temperature you’ve chosen for your home, and once your system reaches that number, it will maintain the temperature until you tell it otherwise.

Thermostat Set Settings

A programmable thermostat allows you to change the temperature, so you can control how your HVAC system will run. All programmable thermostats will have a set or program indicator to help you adjust your thermostat’s settings.

“Set to” Indicator

The “set to” indicator on your thermostat will let you choose your temperature. As you turn the dial or press the buttons on your thermostat to increase and decrease the temperature, you’ll see this number change: For example, if you put a set temperature of 72 degrees, you’re telling your HVAC system to reach and maintain a temperature 72 degrees throughout your home.

Set/Program Button

The set or program button allows you to adjust your thermostat’s programmable settings to direct your system. With many customizable settings, it can take some time to find the perfect level for you (and that makes your set button so important).

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