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What does waiting mean on Trane thermostat?

The wait message in Honeywell thermostat means that the thermostat expects to activate the CVC system. This is done to avoid damage to the compressor of the CVC system. In practice, a thermostat will inform the CVC system when it starts heating or cooling and when it stops.




What does wait permanent hold mean on thermostat?

A permanent suspension allows you to keep the thermostat in a temperature setting until you manually cancel the permanent suspension. A temporary suspension allows you to keep the thermostat in a temperature setting until the next scheduled period (Awake, Leave, Return or Sleep).

What does circulate mean on my thermostat?

Most new thermostats have a circuit option that allows you to adjust the fan to run for a while. This allows you to balance hot and cold points, use your most efficient ultraviolet or high performance filtration system and avoid the use of energy to pass through the ceiling.

What does cool on mean on Honeywell thermostat?

My thermostat is configured to cool, but my cooling system doesn't work. Why?. If the cooling icon or flash snowflakes, the thermostat is late, which can last up to 5 min. This delay is to protect your short motorcycle equipment.

What does run schedule mean on a thermostat?

This calendar tells the thermostat to heat and cool the building for specific hours during the day and week. The idea is that the thermostat must work actively during the hours normally at home.

What does recovery mean on my Honeywell thermostat?

The recovery mode in a thermostat is used to return a space to a normal occupied point after being normally restarted for a program. Let's say you have left all day so that your program sets the temperature to 80 degrees as left. But it is planned to restart the temperature to 76-500 PM when you normally return home.

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