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What Heaters Are Safe to Leave on Overnight?

However, there are others (like vented propane heaters and electric space heaters) that you’ll want to switch off before going to sleep. If you decide to leave your heater on overnight, placing it away from furniture or curtains will help avoid potential hazards.

Handling the Heat

Once fall rolls around, there’s nothing better than a warm and cozy bedroom. Some types of heaters are designed to stay on night and day, but others can be hazardous if left on for too long. For these heaters, it’s best to turn them on a few hours before going to bed and then switch them off once the lights go out.

If you’re thinking about leaving your home’s heaters on overnight, be sure to know which types of heaters can handle a longer shift.

Heaters that are safe for overnight use

Here are the types of heaters you can feel safe and comfortable leaving on overnight:

Oil heater This is one of the safest types of heaters.The heating element in an oil heater is encased in a metal body, which makes it safe to touch and unlikely to overheat or burn any parts of your home.

Infrared heater Similar to sunlight, this type of heater uses rays to warm up objects and people rather than the air around them. It’s a safe and natural process and can continue overnight.

Ceramic heater The ceramic plates inside this type of heater get hot while the air outside plastic casing remains cool. Therefore, this type of heater is safe to touch and safe to leave on throughout the night.

Heaters to turn off overnight

Here are the types of heaters you’ll want to leave off for the night:

Electric space heater If left on for too long, a space heater can damage the outlet it's plugged into and act as a fire hazard. Therefore, it’s best to turn these on in advance and switch them off before you go to sleep.

Vented propane heater Similar to space heaters, this type of heater can release carbon monoxide and risk starting fires. Be sure to switch off your vented propane heater before bed.

Extra Precautions

If you’re leaving your heater on overnight, there are some extra safety precautions you can take to rest assured you’re not in danger:

  • Place your heater in an open space, away from furniture, clothes, and curtains.

  • Use lower power settings throughout the night.

  • Use your heater’s built-in timer (if available) to set a time for it to automatically turn off.

When you need a bit of extra heat once the sun goes down, the right heater can be the easiest and most affordable solution. The main point to keep in mind when using a heater overnight is to double down on safety.

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What Did You Think of This Article?